Letter of Introduction

What I've been up to!

After months of designing, writing, photographing, making videos, branding approaches, and figuring out things digital, I am ready to show you the one-of-a-kind art by plants from my garden on silk scarves.

As you know, I love our Arizona environment. I love plants, gardens, colors, fabrics, and making and sharing things. Voilà - the result: my online store, "Sedona Plant Prints"!

On These Scarves, Flowers Continue to Bloom

Even in winter, our garden's flowers and plants continue to share their colors and shapes on the scarves! They are beautiful Sedona keepsakes: lightweight and comfortable. Think 🎁 gifts! You will be sharing beauty. 

Your Purchase Can Make a Difference

When you make a purchase, 25% of what you pay I donate to your choice of one of three local change-making organisations. Visit the website to find out how. 

WEAR ART FROM PLANTS Each scarf is a work of art - by plants. Each scarf is unique.


GET YOURS in the SHOP before your fave hand-crafted scarf is gone: there's only ONE of each

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Above: cape dyed completely with Coreopsis flowers. The embroidered flower on the cape represents a Coreopsis plant.

Eco-dyeing, also known as natural dyeing or eco-printing, is a sustainable and environmentally-friendly method of coloring clothing and textiles using natural materials such as plants, flowers, leaves, and even food waste (I use Avocados). This process minimizes the use of harmful chemicals commonly associated with traditional synthetic dyeing.