The Dye Plants

An Eco-environment

The soil in our garden in Sedona, Arizona, is red clay and sandy silt. The plants that grow best in our dry, high-desert climate are native or naturalized. Over the more than 40 years that we lived here, we have introduced additional native plants, and cultivated compatible varieties. The garden has turned into quite a diversity of plants! Many plants have re-seeded themselves in places they chose. My husband is like their guardian and caretaker, re-directing some plants to other places.

Eco, from Oikos (Greek), means one's house, family, which includes the plants and the insects and animals - the total environment one lives in.

See the plants in their environment in the videos below:

How Many Colors Can I Source for Dyes or Paints, Right from our Garden?


Sedona Plant Prints acknowledges that we work and gather upon the ancestral homeland of the Yavapai-Apache Nation. We honor, with gratitude, the land itself and the Yavapai and Apache people who have lived here for millennia and who remain a vital part of this community today.